Cain Video ‘Stuns’ Brokaw

by Robert Costa

Tom Brokaw is no fan of Mark Block.

On Meet the Press, the former news anchor blasted Block, Herman Cain’s chief of staff, for smoking in a campaign video. “On the Cain thing, I was stunned by that ad that he did with his campaign manager, ending up smoking a cigarette,” Brokaw said. “In my judgment, that is one of the great health hazards in America in terms of lethal diseases.”

“I think that maybe 9-9-9 stands for, ‘you get nine months to live with lung cancer, nine months to live with emphysema, nine months to live with coronary-artery disease.’ I can’t imagine why they thought that was an effective image,” he added.

A second later, GOP consultant Mike Murphy quipped: “You look at Cain’s travel schedule — he’s in Alabama doing book tours — I’m not sure it was tobacco that the guy was smoking.”

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