Block: ‘The Strategy Is to Be Transparent and Honest’

by Robert Costa

Washington, D.C. — As allegations of sexual harassment hang over Herman Cain, his top strategist tells National Review Online that the campaign will address the story, which broke on Politico on Sunday night, with “frank” answers and media interviews.

“The strategy is to be transparent and honest,” Block said as he smoked a cigarette on 17th Street in downtown Washington, minutes after privately discussing the issue with Cain. ”There was nothing to it, anonymous sources,” Block told me, commenting on the Politico report. “Mr. Cain never sexually harassed anybody, period, end of story.”

“The facts are the facts,” he said. “The facts are that he didn’t do anything. They’re baseless allegations. If the American people believe in the truth, we’ll get through this.”

“But quite frankly, I think it’ll help us,” he added, talking up the campaign’s approach. “People will say, here is a candidate who is willing to go into the belly of the beast and be truthful and out front.”

Block, however, acknowledges that the story could give Team Cain headaches. He suspects other campaigns may use the story as a way to damage Cain, who is rising in the polls.

“If I was the other campaigns, I would play it up,” he said with a slight smile. “That’s the nature of this business.”

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