Cain: ‘I Didn’t Change My Story’

by Katrina Trinko

In an interview this morning, Herman Cain denied that he had altered his narrative yesterday.

Noting that the seeming discrepancy between his comment yesterday morning that he had not been aware of any settlement and his remarks in interviews taped later in the day in which he had acknowledged a settlement, Cain told HLN, “It looked like I changed my story.”

But he stressed, he had simply meant in the morning that he had been aware there was an agreement, but had not been certain that the agreement had been a settlement. “I didn’t change my story,” Cain said. “I just simply got the wording right.”

He said that his wife, Gloria, had been aware of the allegations at the time.

His supporters, Cain pointed out, had not defected despite the media firestorm over the allegations.

“It may affect my poll numbers, but most of our supporters  have not been shaken by this whatsoever,” he said.

“Yesterday online, we had one of our highest fundraising days in the campaign,” Cain added. “One of the highest ever.”

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