Reinventing the Wheel

by Mark Krikorian

Today’s NYT piece on homeless bums mooching off the Occupy Wall Street folks has this telling paragraph:

At Zuccotti Park in Lower Manhattan, some homeless have integrated themselves into Occupy Wall Street, protesters said. But others, they said, appeared to be opportunists looking for free food and clothes, and were often disruptive. Hero Vincent, 21, said that he was a member of a security team that roamed the park and has several times broken up disputes involving people who appeared to be homeless.

Hmmmm — “a member of a security team that roamed the park.” I think the word for that is “police.” What’s more, CNN reports that these anarchists have applied to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for a trademark to the name “Occupy Wall Street.” Next thing you know, they’ll start giving out loans and then repossessing your tent if you don’t pay back what you promised.

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