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Cain Declines to State Whether Woman Who Made Charges Should Be Able to Break Confidentiality Agreement


Herman Cain said he was not comfortable addressing whether he wanted the woman who had accused him of sexual harassment and now wants to speak up, but is barred by a confidentiality agreement, to be allowed to speak to the media.

“I can’t answer that now because there are legal implications,” Cain told Fox News regarding the Washington Post article that the woman would like to speak. “If the restaurant association waives that [confidentiality agreement] … I just found out about this today. There are legal implications associated with that that I’m not totally familiar with yet, so I can’t give you a definitive answer on that until we consult with our legal attorneys and also talk to some others. We can’t answer that right now. It’s too soon.”

Cain said he was “absolutely” certain he had not violated his side of the confidentiality agreement because he had not named the women involved.

He admitted that he could have been “better prepared” for the media questioning that followed the allegations in light of his awareness that the story was going to come out.

In response to whether he thought his being a black conservative was related to the charges coming out, Cain said, “I believe the answer is yes, but we do not have any evidence to support it.”

Asked about his response to PBS last night when he had said he had “no recollection” if he had invited a woman up to his hotel room ever, Cain said that he had never done such a thing. “I am sure that I hadn’t done that,” he said. “Absolutely sure.”


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