Cain Advisers Confident in Strategy of ‘Answering All We Can’

by Robert Costa

The Washington Post is reporting that Herman Cain’s accuser wants to go public with her decade-old allegations.

But with their candidate under fire tonight, Cain’s top advisers are confident that the presidential contender will be able to weather the media firestorm.

“We haven’t been in bunker mode,” says Linda Hansen, Cain’s deputy chief of staff, in an interview with National Review Online. In fact, she says, the campaign is surging.

“On Monday, we had one of our best fundraising days ever,” she says, with the campaign raking in over $300,000 in online donations. Since October 1, the campaign has raised nearly $6 million, averaging about $1.5 million per week.

“People are fed up with the establishment media and politics as usual,” Hansen says, commenting on the cash haul. “They’re showing their support for Mr. Cain. We’re not going to let this distract us. Mr. Cain’s focused; we’re all focused.”

“I believe that people understand that Herman Cain is a man of courage, conviction, and character,” she adds. “Allegations don’t change who a person is.”

Cain’s media strategy — answering questions, sitting down with numerous television anchors — is part of the campaign’s push to “answer all that we can,” Hansen says. “He has never sexually harassed anyone and he has nothing to hide. We haven’t canceled any appearances. That’s not how we operate and he’s not that kind of person.”

Hansen, for her part, also shrugs off Beltway chatter about how the campaign has responded to story. “Campaigns will choose how to respond to this,” she says. “As for us, we choose to follow Reagan’s Eleventh Commandment.”

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