A Touch of the Poet

by Mark Steyn

I see Ireland’s new Uachtarán (president) is the veteran leftie Michael D Higgins. I’m not expecting an invitation to Phoenix Park any time soon. Here’s what Mr Higgins had to say about me in the Irish parliament a couple of years back:

I now read articles in The Irish Times by somebody included for balance, Mark Steyn… Repeatedly this column of bigotry, homophobia and racism that is presented every Monday contains attacks on what we call the basic decencies on some principle of balance. The editor of that newspaper would want to indicate to me what she is balancing when she produces material like that.

Aside from me, Mr Higgins is also antipathetic to the United States and Israel. However, he is an enthusiastic Arafatist and alleged poet. When it comes to “balance” in the Irish media, that’s the crowded end of the seesaw.

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