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Re: Greek Government Suddenly Replaces Military Chiefs. It’s Probably Nothing.


Daniel, re the sudden firing of the Greek Chiefs of Staff, here’s Janet Daley in last Saturday’s Telegraph:

How long before the resentments and the powerlessness ignite and Greece, in its desperation, turns once again to the colonels? Will we see tanks on the streets of Athens at the same time as growing neo-fascist movements in Germany and Italy?

Looks like Mr Papandreou was thinking along the same lines. We forget how shallow the roots of Mediterranean democracy are. To Americans, the Seventies means flared trousers and the Partridge Family. To Spaniards, Portuguese and Greeks, it means Franco, the last hurrah of Salazar’s Estado Novo, and the Colonels.

As Janet points out, the mad utopian obduracy of the European Union’s ruling elites now risks returning the Continent to the very conditions it was intended to prevent. Seems like old times.