Today’s Questions for the President

by Peter Kirsanow

Iran continues to pursue nuclear weapons and has worked with North Korea on ballistic missile technology. There’s no evidence that Russia or China would support meaningful sanctions against Iran. Sanctions have not deterred Iran to this point and there’s no evidence negotiations will persuade Iran to abandon their nuclear program. Indeed, as Michael Rubin has underscored, Iranian nuclear negotiator Hassan Rowhani has essentially admitted that Iran’s nuclear negotiating strategy is to simply run out the clock until they achieve nuclear capability.

Since neither sanctions nor negotiations have deterred Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons thus far, what  options remain to prevent them from acquiring nuclear weapons? Why will such options, if any, work when sanctions and negotiations haven’t?

Given Iran’s strategy of running out the clock, do you think a nuclear Iran is inevitable? If not, what steps will either prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons or persuade them to scrap their program?

Do you maintain that Iran is bluffing about wiping Israel off the face of the Earth or the Iranian regime’s desire for a world without America? If so, have you reached the same conclusion about the terrorists to whom Iran has been supplying weapons for the last three decades? 

What is the status of the severe sanctions you stated the U.S. would impose upon Iran after the Quds Force plot to bomb the Saudi ambassador was uncovered?

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