‘Naked Chicks in the Waterfalls’

by Jay Nordlinger

A few days ago, I saw a headline that threw me for a loop. No, not the words I have written — or quoted — above. This: “Obama’s team banks on his ‘regular guy’ appeal.” In Impromptus today, I write, “Our president, regular guy? Where? An Antioch faculty lounge?”

Check out this excellent letter from a reader:

I went to Wittenberg in Springfield, Ohio, back in the hippy-dippy ’70s, and used to head up the road to neighboring Yellow Springs [where Antioch is] to drink in the countercultural life. Ah, those were the days. Sipping herbal tea while watching a subtitled foreign film (never “movie”) at the Little Theatre. Hanging out on campus, looking conspicuous in my neat haircut and un-holey jeans. Running into naked chicks in the waterfalls in the nearby woods.

Hey, this didn’t happen back in Kansas, is all I gotta say.

Some salient facts about Antioch: Cliff Robertson and Rod Serling went there, and Horace Mann was its first president. Oh, and there was a student strike in 1973, which looked just like OWS. Imagine that.

In my dear old hometown of Ann Arbor, we had the herbal tea and the foreign films (for which I am grateful). We definitely had OWS (avant la lettre). Naked chicks in waterfalls, I don’t remember. Other places, sure, but I don’t think we had any waterfalls.

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