Jonathan Martin, Alinskyite?

by Rich Lowry

Michael, for the record, Jonathan Martin is a “warmed-over hack” from NR (and a friend of mine, although I haven’t talked to him since the story broke). As I understand it, he only “ambushed” Cain because he and his colleagues couldn’t get answers from his campaign. The idea that he took up this story as part of some elaborate “ambush-and-pincer” operation in furtherance of the goals of the Left is absurd. You can certainly criticize the reporting on the grounds ProPublica did, or criticize how the controversy has been treated by the rest of the press, but do you really think that anyone can run for president with a sexual harassment allegation that resulted in some sort of pay-out in his background and not have it eventually reported by someone or other? I rather suspect Republican primary voters are going to evaluate the evidence of this case fairly and reasonably, so that — unless there’s something significant we don’t know yet — it’s not particularly going to hurt Cain, although the whole spectacle is unedifying.

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