Oh the Humanity!

by John Derbyshire

Several bloggers — Mike Riggs at Reason, Alex Tabarrok at MarginalRevolution, Randall Parker at ParaPundit — have picked up on a story in The Nation about an unemployed puppeteer who has joined the OWS rabble.

A few years ago, Joe Therrien, a graduate of the NYC Teaching Fellows program, was working as a full-time drama teacher at a public elementary school in New York City. Frustrated by huge class sizes, sparse resources and a disorganized bureaucracy, he set off to the University of Connecticut to get an MFA in his passion — puppetry.

Three years later Joe emerged from U. Conn. with his degree and $35,000 in student loans, but … he couldn’t find a job in puppetry!

As Randall Parker comments: “What a bizarre and narcissistic sense of entitlement.”

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