Cain on Bialek: ‘I Don’t Remember Knowing Her’

by Katrina Trinko


Herman Cain denied in an interview this afternoon that he had met Sharon Bialek in Washington D.C. one night in 1997, as she alleged.

“I reject all the accusations. I don’t remember that,” Cain said in ABC/Yahoo interview, referring to Bialek’s claim that she had met with Cain for drinks and that the two had driven off together.  “I don’t remember knowing her.”

Cain said that as he watched Bialek’s press conference, he tried “to recall who she was and if I knew her.” But he said he could not “even recall knowing her back then” in 1997, when she worked at the National Restaurant Association.

“I have absolutely not acted inappropriately with this lady or anyone else in my entire career,” Cain said.

He also said he did not intend to let the allegations make him end his campaign.

“I am not going to be discouraged to the point that I’m going to pull out of this race because of these baseless attacks,” Cain said.

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