In Iowa, Cain ‘Not Seeing an Exodus’

by Robert Costa

As Herman Cain responds to the latest accusations, his Iowa supporters are standing by the candidate. “We’re not seeing an exodus,” says Steve Grubbs, Cain’s Iowa chairman, in an interview with National Review Online. “Overall, most of our supporters are still there.”

Grubbs acknowledges that as the firestorm continues, some volunteers have “questions in their head” about the allegations. At the same time, “others are motivated more,” he says.

“Look, I’m certain you can find people who have doubts,” Grubbs says. “But we are seeing strong support. We’re hitting our precinct-captain targets every day.”

“These things are a challenge,” Grubbs says, reflecting on the past week. “The media comes at you every which way. As George Stephanopoulos would attest, you’ve got to get through it, do the best you can. Clinton’s response in 1992 was dramatically criticized, but he got through it. And I think the Cain campaign is doing a good job of getting through it.”

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