Tancredo to Block: ‘Step Aside’ as Spokesman

by Robert Costa

Former congressman Tom Tancredo, a prominent Herman Cain supporter, tells National Review Online that Mark Block, Cain’s chief of staff, should “step aside” and cease speaking on behalf of the campaign, especially after Block’s comments on Hannity.

“If this thing is salvageable, then somebody needs to pull together a brand new management team, especially on public relations,” he says. “Block should not be the front person.”

“Block has certain abilities,” Tancredo says. “He provides a certain amount of enthusiasm, a different approach to campaigning that can help an insurgent candidate. The cigarette-smoking commercial was fine; it was smart. But we’re talking about damage control. And when something like this happens, which requires a really well-reasoned response, he’s not the guy.”

“The campaign has handled this poorly,” he says. “It’s a reflection of a relatively naive group of people. They have good intentions but they’re not seasoned. It’s not working out.”

UPDATE: In response, Mark Block tells NRO that he will not speculate on his status. Any personnel decision, he says, “would be a decision that Mr. Cain would make.”

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