The Penn State Student Body’s Disgrace

by David French

Last night, a large number of Penn State students utterly disgraced themselves. It’s bad enough that an estimated 2,000 students actually rioted over the firing of a football coach, but in this case they rioted over a coach who lost his job because he failed to adequately respond to credible allegations of child molestation by a longtime assistant coach.

Let’s not forget that these rioting students are adults — adults whose actions are no doubt being watched by the incredulous, grieving families of victims. There’s already much talk of the extended adolescence of modern young adults and their unwillingness or inability to face the rigors of “real life” until well into their twenties. But this conduct didn’t even meet the standards of adolescence.  

I apologize for the brief rant, but in all the talk of the political horse race and Perry’s gaffe, we can’t forget there’s a culture out there — a culture that matters far more than any presidential debate.

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