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Perry: ‘If We’re Electing a ‘Debater-in-Chief,’ Don’t Elect Me’


Reacting to the uproar over his debate gaffe last night, Rick Perry said today, “If we’re electing a ‘debater-in-chief,’ don’t elect me.”

Describing the moment on Fox News’ America Live with Megyn Kelly today, Perry added, “It would not come to me. Even to the point of looking over to Mitt and Herman and Ron Paul…you guys wanna give me a hand here.”

“We were having a good debate,” Perry continued. “We were talking about a lot of issues that are important to the people of this country. As a matter of fact, we were having a little fun with it, which is fine. I think we ought to…people understand. You make mistakes. Things don’t come out of your mouth right.”

Perry is doing several media interviews today in an attempt to negate the damage done in last night’s debate, including an appearance on David Letterman tonight.