Murder Just Outside Occupy Oakland Encampment

by Wesley J. Smith


Someone was shot and killed at the Occupy Oakland site at dusk tonight in downtown Oakland. KTVU is reporting that the Occupiers say it has nothing to do with the protest. There are conflicting reports about whether the Occupiers helped or hindered the police and paramedics, but apparently Occupy “medics” tried to help the victim. There are reports that a news cameraman was beaten filming the scene by some in the crowd, and is in hospital with a concussion.


Whether or not the shooting is related to the protests — I would bet not — there can be no question that the press of people and the retreat by police from the area, at the order of Mayor Jean Quan, made things worse and far more chaotic. This cannot help but bring this debacle to a head, as Oakland business people are up in arms at lost revenue and the worsening reputation for an already very troubled city.

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