Re: SEIU Collects ‘Union Dues’ From Medicaid Recipients

by Daniel Foster

Andrew, I keep rereading that story because I’m convinced I must have missed something. This can’t possibly be an actual thing that’s happening, right? Surely it’s all a misunderstanding.

Are you a parent who accepts state assistance to care for a disabled child? BOOM, you’re a public employee. And since you’re a public employee we’ll be taking money out of your welfare checks to pay union dues to the SEIU. What’s that you say? You’re not a member of the SEIU and have no interest in becoming one? Come again? You say there’s no conceivable way in which the SEIU’s collective bargaining powers could ever redound to your benefit in your capacity as a recipient of Medicaid checks, and thus the usual “justification” for extorting union dues from non-union members doesn’t even apply here? TOO BAD. Pay up, suckers.

I realize this was just an especially brazen kickback to a powerful union by a Democratic governor, but what’s the legal precedent it establishes? Is anyone who receives any benefit from the government a government employee? Are we all government employees once we start collecting Social Security? It’s like they’ve accidentally made explicit every conservative’s deepest fears about the logical end of big-government progressivism.

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