This Is the 99 Percent?

by Mark Krikorian

The Occupy DC folks around the corner in MacPherson Square just staged a march down K Street, showing the strength of the silent majority of 99 percent of America. This is the parade, as seen from my office window:

the 99 percent

Really, that was the whole thing. Capitol Hill and the White House are where these guys should be protesting, since it’s government that created the problems they’re complaining about (assuming anyone can tell exactly what it is they’re saying).

The Post reached a new low in MSM glorification of these parasites the other day, when the whole front of the Style section described how “A Square Gets Hip” and “improvises a vibrant urbanism,” illustrated with a huge map showing the encampment, which appears to have named the paths crossing the square after Occupy heroes, including Che Guevara and Angela Davis (what, no Stalin Boulevard?).

Fire hoses and tear gas, the sooner the better.

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