Gloria Cain Speaks

by Katrina Trinko

Gloria Cain remains confident that her husband did not sexually harass any women. From her interview with Fox News host Greta Van Susteren last night:

VAN SUSTEREN: Is there any chance — and I got to ask you the question — you know, women always think that their husbands — I mean, the very public thing with the wives of many years of whom they, you know, love and have a family, that there’s another little side of them off to the side what — where they have some extracurricular activity?

GLORIA CAIN: No, because his conscience would bother him. His conscience would bother him, and he couldn’t look me straight in the eye. And I can usually tell if there’s — is there something wrong? It’s, like, Well, I was supposed to go such-and-such a place, or whatever. His conscience bothers him to the point where he would say something to me.

So yes, I know the type of women that you’re thinking about, that the little woman at home is the last to know. But I never see myself as being the little woman at home. And I’ve always said when I’ve seen stories like that, I will not be one of those people who will stand up on stage with a smile and knowing that you were wrong. I’m not going to do that.

Video of extended interview about the allegations:

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