New Poll Shows Four Top Contenders in Iowa

by Katrina Trinko

Results from a new Bloomberg poll of likely Iowa caucus-goers: Herman Cain (20 percent), Ron Paul (19 percent), Mitt Romney (18 percent), Newt Gingrich (17 percent), Rick Perry (7 percent), Michele Bachmann (5 percent), Rick Santorum (3 percent), and Jon Huntsman (1 percent). Margin of error is 4.4 percentage points.

Bloomberg asked those polled about whether various issues would make them inclined to rule out supporting a candidate. Fifty-eight percent viewed support of an individual health-care mandate as disqualifying, 48 percent saw three marriages and extramarital affairs as worth ruling out a candidate over, 42 percent thought support for in-state college tuition for illegal immigrants was a deal-breaker, and 30 percent thought being accused of sexual harassment made a candidate unacceptable.

Asked about the tax plans put forth by Romney, Perry, Cain, and Huntsman (although the questions outlined the broad parameters of the plans and did not name the candidates), 32 percent preferred Romney’s, 24 percent Cain’s, 18 percent Huntsman’s, and 14 percent Perry’s. 

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