Idaho Man Charged With Attempted Assassination of Obama

by Daniel Foster

An Idaho man who went missing in October has been charged with attempted to assassinate the president and/or his family after he allegedly fired two shots at the White House residence, cracking a window.

The man, 21-year-old Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez of Idaho Falls, was obsessed with President Obama and the date 11/11/11, according to members of his family. It is thought that Ortega-Hernandez, clad in black, approached the White House last Friday night and fired two shots from a knockoff AK-47, which was later found in an abandoned car near a bridge leading to Virginia.

There were indications that Ortega-Hernandez had spent time at Occupy DC gatherings in McPherson Square, and indeed, this bunch of Occupiers in San Diego held a “moment of solidarity” for him as they pondered why he “might have felt the need to shoot the White House.”

Ortega-Hernandez could face life in prison if convicted.

More here and a graphic on the path of the bullets here.

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