Just Say No

by Andrew Stuttaford

The unaccountable International Criminal Court, is a wretched, expensive and unsavory creation that, by making it more difficult for dictators to opt for some sort of Elba, has undoubtedly already cost a large number of lives. Here (via the Daily Telegraph) is yet another reminder that its arrogance knows few bounds:. 

Hours after news broke on Saturday morning that the late Libyan dictator’s fugitive son [Saif] had been caught near the border of Niger, the ICC said the Libyan government had an “obligation” to cooperate with the court.

Prosecutors at the Hague-based tribunal are anxious to prevent a repeat of the events following the arrest of Colonel Gaddafi himself, who was killed by a mob after being caught near the Libyan town of Sirte just over a month ago.

“An arrest warrant has been issued by the ICC,” said the court’s spokesman, Fadi El-Abdallah. “The Libyan authorities have an obligation to cooperate with the court.”

Don’t get me wrong. The manner, if not the fact, of the senior Gadaffi’s death was distasteful. The new Libyan regime would do well to treat Saif with a dignity that the Gadaffis denied their own victims. But, as to his final fate, that is Libya’s decision and Libya’s alone.

The International Criminal Court should be told to take a hike.

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