Newt’s Answer Page

by Jonathan H. Adler

The Gingrich campaign has a new webpage designed to “set the record straight” about the former Speaker’s current and former positions and respond to allegations about his past consulting arrangements and personal conduct. The NYT covers it here. Among other things, it defends his support of ethanol subsidies and clarifies his current position on climate change policy.  The former Speaker, and his advocates, have also begun to champion his record as Speaker of the House (before he was forced to resign).  Gingrich’s record here is certainly worth a look.  And while his campaign is seeking to clarify the record, it would be nice to know what the Speaker thinks about his decision to undercut property-rights advocates and deep-six meaningful Endangered Species Act reform. (See, e.g., here.)  Did the Speaker really oppose greater protections for private property rights?  Or was this a failed effort to curry favor with environmentalist leaders?  Were his actions a mistake?  Or does he still believe this was the proper course and that the Endangered Species Act is a defensible law?

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