by John Derbyshire

(1) Just got back from the National Review Caribbean cruise, a wonderfully relaxing and convivial experience as always. Many, many thanks to cruisers for their company, for sharing their life experiences over the dinner table, and for kind words spoken about my own productions. Special thanks to Jack Fowler, whose organizational skills & energy made the whole thing possible.

(2) With traveling & health issues, I’ve been falling behind on properly archiving stuff, to the annoyance of some readers. I think I’ve now caught up with archiving, with Radio Derb transcripts (including one for my 11/11 interview with Seth Forman), and with my RSS feed.

(3) In my October Diary I wondered about how good it is possible to get at lip-reading. A reader who knows the territory has set me straight.

(4) Home for a week, then off to Moscow on 11/28 for a conference. Any advice on Moscow will be gratefully received. No need to tell me it’s cold in December, though. I know it’s cold. It’s Moscow, latitude further north than most of Canada. It’s cold. This I know. (Mrs. D. has visions of herself swathed in furs, riding at speed in a horse-drawn droshky along snow-covered streets, a handsome uniformed officer at her side. I haven’t the heart to disabuse her, bless her literary imagination.)

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