The Progressive Euro

by John Derbyshire

What does the Euro crisis have to do with “progressive” values in general? Tom at Radio Free New Jersey connects the dots.

This is how progressives see the world. This European drama where the last of the nation state is being stripped away from the people, in many cases agains their will, is what the progressive end game looks like. They’ll give lip service to the rule of law and the democratic process until it gets in their way. As soon as it does, they want to replace the law with something else that isn’t so encumbered with archaic traditional mechanisms.

The Nigel Farage clip at the end is well worth 2m39s of your time. (Why, by the way, is “Nigel” such a British name? I don’t believe I’ve ever met an American named Nigel. It seems to be cognate with Gaelic “Niall,” Norse “Njal,” etc. Wikipedia of course has a page, which you can believe if you like. From which: “In Australian English it is a colloquial term for a male social misfit or a person without friends, originating from the name being unusual in the 1980s and alliterating with ‘no-friends’.” Don’t quite get that, but, well … Australians …)

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