You’ve Got to Hand It to Them, They’ve Learned the Lingo

by Mark Krikorian

In a WaPo piece on Iran’s apparent provision of chemical-weapon shells to Libya, a flack for the mullahs naturally denies the whole thing:

Mohammed Javad Larijani, an adviser to Iran’s supreme leader and the brother of Iran’s former negotiator on nuclear issues, denied the allegation. “I believe such comments are being fabricated by the U.S. to complete their project of Iranophobia in the region and all through the world. Surely this is another baseless story for demonizing [the] Islamic Republic of Iran,” he said in an e-mail.

“Iranophobia”? I’d never seen the term used, but a Google search yields 107,000 hits. So, now worrying about Shia maniacs with nukes makes you an Iranophobe? It’s a brilliant piece of linguistic jiu jitsu designed to confuse and weaken the United States; whoever thought it up, therefore, must have studied at an American university.

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