Shilling for Romney?

by John Derbyshire

Both my rant against Newt and the Boss’s more measured critique have drawn the charge that we are shilling for Mitt Romney.

The boss can speak for himself, but I’m shilling for no-one. We’re not through singing “Getting to Know You” yet. I share the same doubts all conservatives have about Mitt Romney, though like the rest of you, I’d vote for him — or pretty much anyone — against Obama.

Even Newt, though I hope it doesn’t come to that. As Radio Derb listeners know, I rather strongly dislike Newt. Not to put too fine a point on it, I think he’s a bag of wind. His pose as the let’s-be-reasonable, split-the-difference, arbiter of national policy is just RINO wishy-washiness with a veneer of professorial expertise.

Katrina Trinko laid out some of the anti-Newt case here on NRO last week. There’s plenty more where that came from. He is clueless on immigration. He screwed us over on affirmative action. Now there’s the FHLMC business, which again is just the fruit at the top of the bowl.

I took a stiff drink and voted for John McCain in ’08. I’ll likely be doing the same for Mitt Romney in ’12. If Newt’s the nominee, though, I’m going to need general anesthetic and someone to wheel me to the polling booth on a gurney.

At this stage my ticket would be Bachmann-Paul. That’s not a dream ticket, as I’m not convinced any of the GOP candidates truly understand the big fiscal and demographic issues that will shape my grandchildren’s U.S.A. It would be the best of what we’ve got, though. In my opinion.

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