Romney Leads by Nearly 30 Points in NH

by Katrina Trinko

Results from Suffolk University/7NEWS (WHDH) poll of likely New Hampshire primary voters: Mitt Romney (41 percent), Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul (14 percent), Jon Huntsman (9 percent), Herman Cain (8 percent), Rick Santorum (3 percent), Rick Perry (2 percent), and Michele Bachmann (1 percent). 

The poll also asked people to speculate why 75 percent of GOP voters weren’t backing Romney. Here are the reasons people gave: because of his Mormon religion (16 percent); flip-flops on issues, his health care plan and too many other candidates right now (all 10 percent); not conservative enough (9 percent); he is boring and people are unsure of him (both 3 percent); and not a real Republican and because he is from Massachusetts (both 2 percent).

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