Things the Government Is Doing Instead of Reducing the Deficit

by Daniel Foster

I’ll start a list:

1) Its Congress is attending to thorny issues in the semantics of the terms ‘tomato paste’, ‘serving’, and ‘vegetable’ as they relate to federal nutritional guidelines for school lunches.

2) Its domestic security agency is issuing an advisory about the safety of turkey fryers.

3) Its “federal fishery enforcement agents” are seizing a half-million-dollar tuna:

Massachusetts fishing boat owner Carlos Rafael was elated recently when one of his trawlers snared an 881-pound tuna.

The Standard-Times of New Bedford reports ( the tuna was likely inadvertently snagged as Rafael’s crew set a net to catch bottom-dwellers. Federal fishery enforcement agents seized the fish when the crew returned to port Nov. 12.

Rafael had tuna permits, but was told catching tuna with a net is illegal. They must instead be caught with rod and reel.

A fish that big is hugely valuable — a 754pound tuna recently sold for nearly $396,000.

Rafael’s fish will be sold overseas. He will likely get a warning and no share of the proceeds if regulators find a violation.

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