Newt Prediction

by Katrina Trinko

If Newt Gingrich stays high in the polls, we’re going to hear a lot more about his position that illegal immigrants who have been here a long time — who have ties to the community, have worked, belong to churches, etc. — should be allowed to stay legally, albeit not as citizens. It was somewhat surprising, after the amount of heat (and poll-drubbing) Rick Perry took for saying those who opposed in-state tuition rates for illegal immigrants had “no heart,” that Gingrich not only defended his viewpoint strongly, but said that those who were “humane” would agree with him. 

In an interview with CNN right after the debate, Gingrich said that while “millions” of illegal immigrants would remain in the country under his proposed policy, many would also still leave. “There are lots of people who will go home,” Gingrich said. “Millions who will go home. … I want to stay ‘go home’ to lots of people.” 

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