Michele Bachmann and that Fishbone Song

by Kevin D. Williamson

Katrina, Questlove (who apparently is the responsible party) really should be pilloried for that Michele Bachmann intro. If NBC had any class left, he’d already be fired.

If Questlove — a second-rate Doc Severinsen without the chops – wanted to make a cheap political point, that same Fishbone album (the fantastic Truth and Soul) has a song called “Subliminal Fascism,” which would have got across the same message — “I Hate Michele Bachmann and Am an Ill-Mannered Disgrace to Both My Family and My Profession” — without the obvious, adolescent sexism.

But if you’re going to introduce Michele Bachmann with a Fishbone song, the obvious choice is the gospel-inflected “Question of Life,” though there’s a case to be made for “Mighty Long Way,” too.

And if that’s not enough 1980s music for Questlove, perhaps he ought to give a good long listen to Minor Threat’s “Small Man, Big Mouth.”

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