Mitt Wants to Indict Ahmadinejad?

by Andrew C. McCarthy

While Newt’s views on immigration have gotten all of the attention, what stunned me  – and not in a good way — was Mitt’s assertion that getting tough with the mullahs means indicting Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for violating the Convention Against Genocide. If this absurd proposal had been made by one of the lesser lights, it wouldn’t rate worrying about. But Gov. Romney is generally superb on national security, and even in the same debate he was very strong on the importance of distinguishing how we should treat America’s terror-mongering enemies from how we should treat mere criminals. There’s a very good chance that Mitt will be our nominee, so his provocatively weak suggestion that we indict Ahmadinejad is as troubling as it is baffling. I wrote this column about it yesterday — and I really hope he rethinks this one. 

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