Cain Camp Fundraises Off Old Poll

by Katrina Trinko

This morning the Cain campaign blasted out a fundraising e-mail that included these passages:

I am excited to share a recent Rasmussen (conducted November 21-22) which shows me retaking the lead nationally with 26 percent support.  I am leading Governor Romney and Speaker Gingrich by 3 and 12 percent respectively. …

Please donate $25, $50, $100, $500, $1000 or more today to my campaign for President.

While I lead my fellow GOP candidates in the national polls, I trail them in one important category: Money.

A reader e-mailed me to point out that in fact, this particular Rasmussen poll was not conducted November 21-22, but November 2. Via Robert Stacy McCain, it appears that the mistake can be traced back to a confusing Newsmax story.

A Cain aide acknowledged the error, but regarding whether a correction or any other action would be taken, e-mailed, “We don’t plan any further action.”

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