The ‘Dark Strain of Bigotry and Exclusion Running Through the National Experience’

by Daniel Foster

By far the clumpiest bit of poo in that clump of poo Jonah mentions has to be this:

It’s tempting to see those moments as Pegram does the Klan: desperate, even pitiful attempts to stop the inevitable broadening of American society. But Baker seems closer to the mark when she says that there’s a dark strain of bigotry and exclusion running through the national experience. Sometimes it seems to weaken. And sometimes it spreads, as anyone who reads today’s papers knows, fed by our fears and our hatreds.

Its hard to wrap one’s head around the kind of worldview it takes to single out the United States of America as particularly plagued by a “dark strain of bigotry and exclusion” in the context of any society that has ever existed anywhere at any time.

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