Barney the Bully Continued

by Jonah Goldberg

Yesterday I posted an item saying that Barney Frank was a bully. I got some grief from folks on Twitter, in email and in the comments section (on that front, I was particularly intrigued by the suggestion that I was being anti-Semitic). Anyway, for those who thought my comments were simply driven by ideological or partisan animus, here’s Dana Milbank this morning:

No question, Frank is one of the smartest on Capitol Hill and probably the most colorful. But he is also one of the most notorious bullies, known for berating staff, alienating allies and causing aides to cower in fear of his gratuitous and frequent browbeatings.

The stories are legendary: making a young network employee cry when he scolded her for trying to un-rumple him before a TV appearance; demanding that an aide “answer the [expletive] question” before giving him a chance to respond; asking a woman escorting him to a Chicago meeting, “Why do you care what kind of flight I had?”

The invective poured forth with great fluency. He asked critics: “On what planet do you spend most of your time?” When the Huffington Post’s Ryan Grim asked a question Frank didn’t like, he replied, “What is this, some kind of idiotic contest?”

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