Kids Today! What Are You Gonna Do?

by Michael Potemra

I also enjoyed David French’s post, but I think it amounts to an attempt to puzzle out why young conservatives are more troubled by the fact that millions of human beings have been killed than by the fact that a few hundred human beings have gotten married. Perhaps it’s not that difficult to understand? I happen to be strongly anti-abortion and pro-gay marriage, and I’m of course heartened to see that the young people incline to my way of thinking (I have a lifelong tendency toward taking unpopular views — e.g., being a right-wing Reaganite in the mid-70s — and I’m grateful for support whenever I can get it!); but surely even people who agree with David’s position on both of these issues would recognize that abortion is more important, by many orders of magnitude?  I intend this not merely as a rhetorical question, by the way. Let me phrase it as follows: Do some people make the case that the undermining of social cohesion by the redefinition of “marriage” poses a threat of comparable gravity to the undermining of the right to life by the redefinition of “person”?

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