The People Formerly Known as Illegal Aliens

by Mark Krikorian

I contributed to another mini-op-ed roundup at the U.S. News site, this one asking “Is Newt Gingrich Right about Immigration?” I say No, of course, but the other responses are interesting — the three leftists also say No, because Gingrich is supposedly too tough on illegal immigrants, and the other two are high-immigration Republican consultants (including Tamar Jacoby) who answer Yes because, basically, any amnesty is a good amnesty. My favorite response was from Chris Newman of the National Day Labor Organizing Network, who wrote that Gingrich:

supports the Arizonification of America. He has embraced the very “attrition strategy” codified into the core of Arizona’s unconstitutional SB 1070. The idea behind this strategy is to make life sufficiently miserable for immigrants that they leave voluntarily.

Would that were true. But what I really liked about his essay was this bit:

And like the rest of his Republican rivals, Gingrich would deny political equality to 11 million Americans in Waiting by blocking their path to citizenship.

The italics are his, not mine. I guess “Americans in Waiting” is the euphemism du jour for illegal aliens now that, as Mickey Kaus relates, even “undocumented immigrant” is somehow unacceptable. The comments section is just waiting for your ideas for more euphemisms because, as Mickey points out, “You can’t suck up to this crucial swing group enough!”

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