Life and Marriage

by Ramesh Ponnuru

Yesterday the Corner returned to a subject that has popped up here every once in a while: the differing political trajectories of the issues of abortion and same-sex marriage. I’d add one additional point that impressed me when I first started writing about this question, when public opposition to same-sex marriage looked much stronger, in the polls, than public opposition to abortion: On abortion, the public agreed with social conservatives’ key premise even if they did not agree with their conclusion; it was the other way around on marriage. The public saw abortion as homicide, and didn’t see marriage as essentially procreative. Over time the arguments were bound to cut in different directions.

Update: Ok, two other additional points. Naturally I agree with everyone else here who has expressed the opinion that abortion is much the morally weightier of the two issues. And while opponents of same-sex marriage may be gloomy about their prospects, it’s also worth remembering that there are many, many, many more abortions than same-sex marriages in our country.

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