The Wonk

by Robert Costa

Gingrich embraces local policy:

Columbia, S.C. — As Newt Gingrich toured the Palmetto State this week, holding four town-hall meetings, national headlines focused on his stray comments about Mitt Romney. But on the ground, it was Gingrich’s well-informed takes on state issues, from labor policy to immigration, that drew interest — and stirred applause at Tommy’s Ham House in Greenville and at the Sottile Theatre in Charleston.

“All politics is local,” of course, is a familiar axiom. Every politician caters to the hometown crowd. But as the winter primaries near, Mitt Romney should take note: Gingrich’s eagerness to discuss state concerns, and make data-driven arguments, is bolstering the former speaker. He may not have Romney’s organizational strength, but when it comes to wooing undecided voters, Gingrich’s knowledge is power.

Read the rest here. And below, check out Gingrich’s recent town hall in Charleston.

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