We Are In The Fun House Now

by Jonah Goldberg

Every four years it happens. I (and many others here at NR) get email from people saying we’re in the tank for this guy or that guy. The bias is obvious to everyone but us. Here for example are two emails I’ve gotten recently. This one just came in:

Have loved reading your columns and G-Files for years. Especially enjoyed the recent caricature of Newt on a throne waiving a half eaten Turkey Leg. But I am really disappointed with NRO for their enthusiasm for Newt. The guy would solidify another 4 years of Obama. He is brilliant, fun to watch (the Pelosi ad notwithstanding), but I liked him better in the “lead blocker” role he assumed in the early debates. He’ll never carry the ball across the goal line. 

[name withheld]

And, this came in a few days ago:


I have been a NR fan and avid NRO / Corner reader for a long time.  Pretty sure it started somewhere around Bush v Gore. 

Not sure who to write up there at NRO to just express my disheartened state over your (NRO/Corner) pathetic coverage of Newt.  Just letting you know that the nitpicking of Newt is old and I’ll be going elsewhere for my pol coverage.  I’ll even turn down the passed along hardcopies of your mag that I get from a dear old saint here in Yazoo City.  (Home of Haley Barbour)  In addiction, I’ll spread my now unfavorable opinion of NRO to all 500 of my Facebook friends.  :) (that will teach ya, ha!)

Been a good ride, and I have certainly enjoyed your work — heard you speak in Boise a few years ago and had you sign a copy of your book. 

All that said – no fun watching ya’ll trash Newt. 

Happy Trails and So long,

[name withheld]

It’s a tiny example of what I’m getting at. Look, there’s is no fatwa going out to the extended family of NR writers saying “be pro-Newt” or “anti-Newt” or “pro-Romney” etc. Geraghty’s been getting shellacked as a paid operative for Romney because he’s been quoting Newt Gingrich. Until I criticized Romney’s interview on Special Report the other night, I was getting zinged for being too pro-Romney. I haven’t changed my views on any of them and I’ve criticized all of them.

The tide of opinion here at NR/O may seem to favor or disfavor one candidate or another on a given day, but that has a lot less to do with Lowry barking into his bullhorn: “Let’s stick it to Romney today!” and a lot more due to simply how the news and the editorial traffic breaks.

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