Bill Bennett on Gingrich & Immigration

by Kathryn Jean Lopez

I had missed this until now:


Now that Gingrich is a legitimate frontrunner in the GOP presidential race his plan will be fully vetted, as it should be. There are some legitimate concerns.

How big is this group of illegal immigrants we’re talking about? If Gingrich’s plan would legalize 1 million, and the actual problem is 10-15 million, it’s not much of a solution. How can an illegal immigrant have stayed here 25 years legally without having broken additional laws such as filing taxes with a false social security number or receiving welfare without being eligible?

Another question: Why not just focus on enforcement first? Once it is achieved, Americans would be much more open to additional reforms and possible accommodations.

Despite these serious and consequential objections, Gingrich has the nation’s attention right now and should use this moment to offer a full, detailed explanation of his immigration plan to the American people.

It is not a perfect, comprehensive plan, but it’s a starting point and moves the conversation in the right direction. Conservatives have long been victim to the liberal argument that they would mass deport all illegal immigrants. Gingrich offers a serious alternative that needs to be debated.

It could truly be a constructive conversation. I suppose it being during primary season both provides the opportunity for that and makes it impossible!

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