That Ought to Put Him Over the Top

by Michael Walsh

Katrina, the Murkowski endorsement should set aside any doubts the Right might have about Romney. Because nothing burnishes Say-Anything Mitt’s bona fides with good-government fiscal conservatives who reject the doctrine of primogeniture more than the high sign from the likes of her. Down memory lane (2007) we go:

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Sen. Lisa Murkowski said Thursday she and her husband will sell back an undeveloped lot of riverfront property, a day after a complaint to the Senate ethics committee alleged that the purchase was a sweetheart deal.

“It was a judgment call that I made that allowed me and my husband to undergo a level of criticism that I believe is unfounded but has caused people to question me,” the Alaska Republican said of the purchase. “I’m not willing to compromise that trust for any piece of property.”

Murkowski had drawn widespread criticism over her purchase of the land — located along the scenic Kenai River southwest of Anchorage on the Kenai Peninsula — from a campaign contributor she called a lifelong family friend.

Late last year the senator and her husband, Verne Martell, paid $179,400 to real estate developer Bob Penney for the 1.27-acre undeveloped lot. Local real estate agents said the property could have fetched as much as $350,000.

Murkowski — who was appointed by her father, Frank, to his Senate seat in 2002 after he became governor — also charmingly refused to accept the judgment of the Alaska GOP primary electorate in 2010 and was reelected to the seat her family’s held for decades as a write-in candidate when the Democrats essentially abandoned their own candidate to defeat Joe Miller.

Murkowski’s write-in campaign won overwhelming support from Alaska Natives, as well many unions, moderates and Democrats.

The Democrat in the Senate race, former Sitka Mayor Scott McAdams, finished third.

It’s almost as if Sarah Palin and the Tea Party never happened.

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