Gingrich on Trump Debate: ‘How Could You Turn Down the Donald?’

by Katrina Trinko

This afternoon, Newt Gingrich became the first candidate to confirm that he would attend the Newsmax debate hosted by Donald Trump in Iowa December 27.

“How could you turn down the Donald?” Gingrich said when I asked him in a press conference in Staten Island why he had chosen to attend the debate and whether he considered Trump a conservative. “This has nothing to do with whether he’s liberal or conservative. It has to do with the sheer entertainment. Think of this as the Apprentice for the presidency.”

“I like debates. I’m pretty happy to show up,” Gingrich added.

“It’s going to be in Iowa, so that makes a lot of sense, because we’re going to be in Iowa by that point,” he continued. “But in addition, in all seriousness, Trump is a unique American character. It’d be like if Bill Gates called and said, ‘Hi, I’d like to host a debate.’ The correct answer would be ‘yes.’”

Ron Paul and Jon Huntsman have both announced they will not attend the debate. Gingrich will meet with Trump in New York City Monday.

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