Gingrich Leads in Iowa, Followed by Paul

by Katrina Trinko

Results from new Des Moines Register poll of likely GOP caucusgoers: Newt Gingrich (25 percent), Ron Paul (18 percent), Mitt Romney (16 percent), Michele Bachmann and Herman Cain (8 percent), Rick Perry and Rick Santorum (6 percent), and Jon Huntsman (2 percent). Eleven percent remain undecided. 

Probably the most interesting numbers here are Paul’s, which suggest that he could well win the Iowa caucuses (he is also considered to have a great on the ground organization in the state, which Gingrich doesn’t have yet), and Romney’s, which must come as a disappointment after the campaign recently decided to go public with their intention to compete aggressively in  Iowa. And of course, Cain’s 8 percent will now be up for grabs.

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