Gingrich Has Big Lead in Iowa, SC

by Katrina Trinko

Results from ABC News/Washington Post poll of likely Iowa GOP caucusgoers: Newt Gingrich (33 percent), Ron Paul and Mitt Romney (18 percent), Rick Perry (11 percent), Michele Bachmann (8 percent), Rick Santorum (7 percent), and Jon Huntsman (2 percent).

Results from Democratic firm Public Policy Polling poll of Iowa GOP caucus voters: Gingrich (27 percent), Paul (18 percent), Romney (16 percent), Bachmann (13 percent), Perry (9 percent), Santorum (6 percent), Huntsman (4 percent), and Gary Johnson (1 percent). 

Results from Winthrop University poll of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents planning to vote in the primary: Gingrich (38 percent), Romney (22 percent), Perry (9 percent), Herman Cain (7 percent), Bachmann (5 percent), Paul (4 percent), Santorum (3 percent), and Huntsman (1 percent). 

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