Re: Temperaments

by Mark Krikorian

Yuval: You say that Romney and Gingrich are both Rockefeller Republicans and “Substantively, their views are largely indistinguishable from one another.” That is, of course, correct. But I think it’s important to underline that the differences in temperament that you outline are substantive. In other words, Gingirch’s “revolutionary disposition” is itself inherently anti-conservative — or, more accurately, his disposition is better suited for the French Revolution, not the American one. When Will said that Gingrich would have made a “marvelous Marxist,” that wasn’t a gratuitous slam; you can see Gingrich joining Lenin to “tear down the old.” Gingrich is running for head of the Committee for Public Safety but, speaking only for myself, I’m looking for a Coolidge to vote for, not a Robespierre.

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