by Katrina Trinko

CNN/Time/ORC is out with polls in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Florida — and the results show that Gingrich isn’t just the frontrunner, but a frontrunner with a huge lead in three of the four early primary states. 

In Iowa, Gingrich is at 33 percent to Mitt Romney’s 20 percent. In South Carolina, Gingrich is at 43 percent to Romney’s 20 percent, and in Florida, he’s at 48 percent to Romney’s 25 percent. Romney does lead in New Hampshire, but he’s only got a 9 point lead, with 35 percent to Gingrich’s 26 percent.

In Florida, Iowa, and New Hampshire, Ron Paul is polling in third place, while in South Carolina, Perry captures the third-place spot.

Full results from the polls here

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