Today’s Questions for the President

by Peter Kirsanow

At the outset of your administration, you gave a speech at Cairo University that, according to your aides, was designed to restore and project America’s image in the Middle East. David Axelrod said the speech was crafted to open a dialog and “create the opportunity for progress”  in the region.

Since then, Islamists hostile to U.S. interests have won an overwhelming number of votes in Egypt, Syria has engaged in brutal repression of opponents to the regime of Bashar al-Assad, Iran has crushed the Green Revolution, is on the brink of acquiring nuclear weapons, and foments anti-U.S. mischief throughout the region, Islamists sympathetic to al-Qaeda are ascendant in Libya, and our relations with Pakistan have markedly deteriorated.

What “opportunities for progress” has your administration created in the Middle East since your Cairo speech?

What Middle Eastern countries have opened a dialog with the U.S. since your speech and what have been the demonstrable benefits of such dialog to U.S. interests?

What evidence do you have that your administration has “restored” America’s image in the Middle East and what have been the benefits of such restoration?

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